Drama Club is thrilled to be a young and growing company at a bizarre time for America and the global retail business. We hope that through participation in local and global communities and economies in the business of sales and service that we may help to connect any curious, kind, and hard-working citizens with one another.

If you have a passion for well-made, beautiful things and an interest in career opportunities, we welcome you to contact us with your resume and a description of your interest to [email protected] We welcome folks on any career path to reach out, while current availabilities are listed below.

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Retail Intern

The Retail Intern works with the owner on various projects serving the store's promotion and operation in service of sales growth. Areas of focus may involve e-commerce merchandising, social media marketing planning and execution, and events management. Seasonally, the position may involve market attendance and related aid in coordination of the buying process.  The Retail Intern position is compensated with daily stipend and scheduled as needed for projects. This position is aimed to expose ambitious, inexperienced individuals to the exciting process of creating and managing a contemporary fashion retail business.


Sales (Retail) Assistant

The Retail Assistant works with the owner to oversee daily store sales and operations. With a primary dedication to service of customer through personal interaction, the Assistant upholds Drama Club standards of visual merchandising and store maintenance. Through both tasked and independent aims, the Assistant builds client relationships to drive sales and grow the business. From the employee's position at the front line of our business, the Assistant possesses an intimate knowledge of the clients, our community, store sales and brand opportunities. Through a mastery of company point-of-sale software, the Assistant produces and presents regular reporting packages to the owner to review and analyze the business.