Cow Small Packable Bag

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  • Moove over, plastic bodega bag. This limited edition holstein print tote is an udder graphic masterpiece and perfect for your corner store shopping runs. Save the world and never take a plastic bag home again. It easily fits a six-pack and snacks and carries perfectly on walks to the beach or in the park. This smaller size of Baggu's classic reusable tote can hold 50 lbs. and folds flat into a 4" x 4" pouch.

    Size: 18" x 10" x 4" 

    Fabric: 100% ripstop nylon (40% recycled nylon sourced from pre-consumer waste).

    Care: Machine wash cold, line dry.

    Made in China

    About the Designer:

    BAGGU makes bags in carefully selected factories around the world. Their first product was a namesake ripstop nylon bag based on the construction of the plastic grocery bag, but fully reusable and able to carry three times the weight and volume. With a vision that everyone has a Baggu with them all the time, the company works from a California studio led by the creative team that started their dream in 2007.