Concrete after Lightning Candle

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  • A meteorological event and bold marker of youthful and future days. Consider electric crackle, downpour, panic grass, sizzling asphalt steam and respite on muggy summer days. The second iteration of boutique fragrance innovators, D.S. & Durga candles are as inspirationally esoteric as they are sophisticated and evocative.

    Top notes: electricity, panic grass

    Heart notes: summer rain, ozone

    Base notes: concrete, steam

    Size: 7 oz 

    Made in USA

    About the Designer:

    Perfume is armchair travel in an eccentric line of luxury fragrance and human products from makers D.S. & Durga. They started from scratch in Brooklyn years ago where each scent is still conceived and constructed by D.S., master perfumer. Partner Durga, an architect by training, creates the objects and vessels for all of their products which are made in New York city of 100% vegan formulas and foam-free, recyclable packaging.