Feature in Japanese 'Safari Magazine'


Drama Club featured in Japanese men's fashion and lifestyle magazine Safari Japan in the December 2019 issue. We are proud to be showcased in good company with fellow New York destinations Only NY, Coach House, Rowing Blazers, Front General Store, and Procell.


In Caption: "Located in a quiet area in Greenpoint, Brooklyn this is a shop for people to know. According to the owner's words, 'I wanted to make the store accessible to everyone, with a playful selection and a wide range of prices.” In addition to apparel, D.S. & Durga perfume and Illesteva sunglasses are featured in the neighborhood store.


Upper right: Sunspel Corduroy Jacket. Upper left: Clean interior with regular art exhibitions. Lower right:  Impressive sign of discreet store. Lower left: Owner Jack.


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