Basket and Pouch Bag

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  • Net, but far from nothing. Inspired by the archetypal baskets found in laundromats and grocery stores, Célia Torvisco offers a debut collection of sturdy and versatile bags. Each containing a cinch-tied, secure but removable inner tote, the basket bags feature delightfully modern style with a host of possibilities.

    Along with a matching, adjustable strap, the inner tote can be swapped with additional components for a grab-bag of contrasts and collectible stories. This smooth, tight grain leather is created from a unique blend of mimosa and chestnut and a premium selection of European raw materials. They are then protected by a light water resistant finish, having been 100% vegetable-tanned and aniline dyed.

    Materials: Removable interior pouch of French suede : Suede from France.

    Dimensions : 6" x 6" x 12" with 42-47" strap

    Made in France

    About the Designer:

    Célia Torvisco is based in New York City, where it was founded by its namesake designer. Célia utilized her background in industrial design to develop a freshman collection of “Basket Bags," woven of premium Italian leather that is hand assembled in France.